I’m ravenous for CSS.

I’m a Canadian UI Developer living in London, England. This is where I write about and share my passion: CSS architecture, web design, innovations, standards, and user experience.

  1. Let’s Look Back

    I haven’t published a new article in a while now, but I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs. Let’s look at what happened behind-the-scenes in the last eight months since my first article.

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  2. I’ll Scratch Your Back, And Mine Too

    I’ve been playing around with CSS content and attribute selectors recently, and came across a useful trick for styling default elements.

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  3. Viewport Woes

    I’ve been around the block and seen just about every combination of variables and syntax in viewport meta tags. What’s the correct way to go about it? And maybe I’ll comment on the state of browsers today as well.

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  4. Persistent Shadows

    How easy is it to keep a shadow’s direction consistent whilst rotating an element?

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  5. Annoying Navigation CSS

    Navigation is crucial to a functional website. It is how your users find the information they're after; get it right, and your users are happy—get it wrong, and they go insane!

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