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I’m Chris Burnell, a Canadian Front End Developer, and this is where I think, write, and share my passion for the web.

Chris Burnell

Hey, I’m Chris. Thanks for checking out my website.

The web my passion—my website is my favourite thing that I own. I believe the web to be a powerful agent for change and empowering people, and I love nothing more than helping people feel connected, knowledgable, and in-control of their experience online.

For the most part, I live in the world of front end, mostly to do with CSS and performance; although, in recent years I’ve been more and more interested in the wider world of web development. With the emergence of ES6, I’ve grown particularly keen on JavaScript and have really enjoyed rebuilding my website using Eleventy. I also continue to tinker other technologies to help support my website as part of the IndieWeb and my other rabbit-hole deep-dives, a phrase I use to describe sudden bursts of motivation and inspiration into new and weighty projects.

If you’d like to keep up-to-date of my work, you can follow me with RSS, on Mastodon, on Twitter, or on GitHub.

I also play the piano, bake bread from time to time, and play and DM Dungeons & Dragons here and there too.


This website was built with Eleventy, which I love using. It makes sense to me and has allows me all the rigid order and flexibility I want out of my website. My source code is mostly available for your perusal on GitHub.

There are also quite a few different types of posts that I publish, and the IndieWeb is the backbone of the mentality behind it all. Naturally, I support incoming webmentions against posts, which I think is a way cooler alternative to giving my thoughts and conversations to a social network silo; although, I totally still use some of them, mostly to syndicate my content to.

I also serve (what I hope are unobtrusive) ads, currently coming through from Carbon Ads, whom I find to be a trustworthy and reliable service that presents sensible ads to my audience.


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On the peculiar off-chance you really like the work that I do, you can help support me by sponsoring me on GitHub:

Latest projects

Browser Feature Watch

This page serves as an one-stop shop for me to keep track of feature compatability in browsers, ordered by level of support and updated daily.


Cache webmentions using eleventy-cache-assets and make them available to use in collections, templates, pages, etc.

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