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My girlfriend, Rachel, and I (July 2015)

Freelance #freelance

I have been doing freelance work, off and on, since about , ranging from web design to web development to full website solutions (albeit small). This ramped up slightly as I pursued web development as less of a hobby after high-school and more as a career. While I learned a lot early on, I was never really challenged by the projects, nor was I in a position where I was out of my depth (yet)—and that position is one where I learn and grow my skills most effectively.

London #london

In , I made the decision to move to London to be with my girlfriend, Rachel, who moved from Singapore to work on her Fine Arts degree from Camberwell (which she received in )!

After a bit of searching, I found a job at a small startup company that did cab bookings in the city called Cabfix. Previously, the codebase that Cabfix ran on had been built by a foreign company, and my job, in essence, was to flesh out and refine the branding of the website. This entailed modifying and creating short snippets/modules to be used across various pages of the website. This was (triumphantly) my first job in the field, but my role at Cabfix wasn’t thoroughly defined and, again, I wasn’t particularly challenged by the work, so I started to look elsewhere for a deeper role to satiate my desire for a challenge.

Unfortunately, , Cabfix’s website seems to have gone offline, so I can only assume the company’s goals didn’t pan out as hoped.

Squiz #squiz

In , I joined the Production Team at Squiz as a Front-end Web Developer. My job involved two general tasks: implementing a website’s functionality into Squiz’s CMS, Matrix, and creating cut-ups. These tasks were almost always performed as client services and it was in this the stakes have never been higher (for me) environment that my passion and thirst for web development skyrocketed. Feeling particularly inclined towards the HTML and CSS side of things, I was often tasked with performing the cut-ups while other team members built the implementation side of things.

Further on down the road, after tackling many amazing projects with the team, with clients like William Hill, The Recruitment & Employment Confederation, and Middlesex University, I changed role to become User Interface Developer. No longer sitting in the Production team, I became part of the UX team at Squiz where my focus became solely on building cut-ups and becoming a bridge between Design and Development, as well as aiding in UX projects.

For a long time I was also the organiser of a weekly meeting, Imp Scrum, when the Production team and a few other developers who sat outside that team would come together to join heads and discuss future technologies, best practices, and sharing cool stuff on the web. While it was always a fun, team-building event, it also helped to promote standards and forward-thinking in our work, and opened our eyes to new ideas and smarter solutions to our problems.

City, University of London #city-university-of-london

In , I moved on to a role as Web Developer at City, University of London, where I’m looking forward to carrying the torch forward, and devoting my time and efforts towards perfecting and streamlining the codebase, promoting the ideologies and thirst for perfection I instilled as a UI Developer at Squiz and at Imp Scrum, and building a damn good website with a solid, new team.

The Web is Awesome #the-web-is-awesome

If you talk to anyone who knows me well, they will tell you I’m absolutely obsessed with the web, and it’s almost unhealthy. It’s almost sad how excited I can get about semantic code, web standards and best practices, code architecture and organistion, sharing ideas, open source and collaboration, clean and accessible user interfaces, typography, user experience, oh, and CSS.

I also play the piano and bake bread from time to time.

Want to get in touch? #get-in-touch

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