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Do you know color-scheme?

This post by Sara really helped solidify my understanding of color schemes in the browser, how they affect HTML’s default appearance in browsers, and how we can make use of them in CSS and JavaScript. Lots of useful code examples…


A handy trick to add a bit of smoothness to animations that Rach Smith calls Lerp, a nickname for Linear Interpolation between two points.

2022 10 posts


Wow, just wow. What an incredible article about Global Positioning System with some delightful interactive demos to help understand complex ideas.

Fluid Type Scale

One of the sharper and cleaner tools for generating fluid font-sizes with just the bells and whistles I need. I love that it spits out CSS Variables and gives you control over naming as well, generating as many steps as…

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This is so freaking cool. “Fraidycat is a desktop app or browser extension for Firefox or Chrome [you can] use to follow people (hundreds) on whatever platform they choose”. Warm, fuzzy, IndieWeb vibes from this one!

Some Imaginary CSS

“The other day I was using CSS grid and custom properties to solve some problems that would have seemed almost impossible only a year or two ago. This made me wonder: What CSS could I be writing in a few…

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“Codevember is a challenge for developers to sharpen their creativity and improve their skills. The goal is to build a creative piece of code every day of November.”

vi is a language

Until reading this, I’ve been stumbling around feeling frustrated that I can't seem to find any efficiency in my use of the language. This is exactly what I needed to read to get into and grok vi.

Foreign Rap

Foreignrap is a platform to discover + enjoy international rap music. Run by enthusiasts, we share sounds from across the world for you to enjoy 🙏


If, like me, you’re getting into baking your own bread, there may be no better teacher than Jeremy Cherfas, who’s been baking bread for over 50 years. His website is chock-full of useful information, recipes, and anecdotes to keep your…

1% Better • Robin Rendle

This really resonates with me—too often I've planned or been part of planning a big project that fizzles out and burns people out after months. Most of my productivity and positive output has been the outcome of quick, iterative improvements.


Quill is a simple Micropub client for creating posts on your own website. To use it, your website will need to have a Micropub endpoint, and this app will send requests to it to create posts.


I've really enjoyed using this as my Microsub reader for the last few weeks. Combined with X-Ray, it's been pretty trivial to debug my feeds!

CSS doesn’t suck

Front end communities have been up-in-arms recently about CSS's shortcomings (and how they compare to JS's shortcomings, for example). I think CSS has been undeservedly been painted in a poor light, but Andy Bell's article had me nodding enthusiastically throughout.

2018 8 posts

Piano Genie

Piano Genie, an intelligent controller that maps 8-button input to a full 88-key piano in real time, is in some ways reminiscent of video games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero that are accessible to novice musicians, with the…

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IE9 :before font-size bug

Seems there's a bug in Internet Explorer 9 wherein pseudo content (:before and :after content) doesn't get parsed properly in the DOM, so instead of declarations like font-size being applied only once despite multiple occurrences of the rule, but is…

Polyfill Service

The polyfill service selectively bundles browser polyfills based on the User-Agent header supplied in a request, with the intention of allowing JavaScript and CSS developers to use modern standards in legacy user agents that do not natively support the standard.…