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Not without sacrifice

With the boom of JavaScript frameworks and legends-come-true like the new CSS parent selector, we’ve borne witness to an explosion of new technologies and ways to build for the web. But what tradeoffs have we made for all these new bells and whistles?

The Environment-Aware Wrapper

Here’s a handy CSS technique to make sure your content isn’t obscured by the pesky notch that seems to be present on many phones these days, and it probably already fits nicely into your existing codebase!

Moving Targets

I was just working on some styling changes to my website and fell into a rabbit hole on URLs, the <mark> element and :target pseudo-class, and ended up writing an animation as a handy technique for drawing the reader’s attention.

Happy to announce that I’ve released version 1.0.0 of Eleventy Cache Webmentions! Although it introduces some breaking changes for earlier versions, 1.0.0 makes it a lot easier to attach Webmentions to your pages as data using eleventyComputed. Check out my…