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  1. Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

    Kid Cudi
  2. Demon Days

  3. Billy Talent

    Billy Talent
  4. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack

    Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, Neal Acree, Glenn Stafford

    In November of 2008, my life was changed forever with the release of World of Warcraft’s second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. So immersive was the game and the soundtrack that came with it, I ended up spending hours days weeks completely enveloped in the game, experiencing all it had to offer with friends I still know today. Although I don’t play more than once or twice a year anymore, this soundtrack was the backdrop of my late-teens and early-twenties and continues to enchant me to this day.

  5. The Lost Boy

    YBN Cordae

  7. ZUU

    Denzel Curry
  8. Escape From New York

    Beast Coast
  9. KOD

    J. Cole
  10. Diaspora

  11. Ignorance is Bliss

  12. CrasH Talk

    ScHoolboy Q
  13. Trunk Muzik 3

  14. Vicious EP

  15. Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening!


    I remember listening to this a lot when I first moved to London in 2011, and it still scratches a London-vibe itch that I get now and then.

  16. Koi Child

    Koi Child
  17. Impact Winter Soundtrack

    Mitch Murder
  18. Cosmic Boundaries

  19. Atlas


  21. Everythangs Corrupt

    Ice Cube
  22. Hardwired

    Mitch Murder
  23. DiCaprio 2

  24. Nocturnal

    The Midnight
  25. Oxnard

  26. Turbulence

  27. Stadium Arcadium

    This album means a lot to me. This album came into my life just before the summer after Grade 10, and I remember listening to this almost-religiously with my close friends. It pulled us together and over that summer and during the next couple of years, we ended up forming a four-piece rock band, and played a handful of coffeehouses—once in the cafeteria of a residence hall at University—but the best part were the jam sessions. The funky and soulful sound that RHCP perform on this album was refined, polished and unbelievably-catchy. And it still is.

  28. Deltron 3030

    Deltron 3030
  29. Avalon

    Roxy Music

    I remember this album playing in my Dad’s car often when I was young, and never had any particular draw towards it, but I have fond memories of nodding in and out of sleep while this played from a cassette tape in his rusty old Mazda I had named Chickalude. My Mum’s car was called Kaku; although, I called everything Kaku when I named the car in my early years. Revisiting this album decades later, I love this album for its nostalgia, but also its melodic, jazzy, synth-driven sound.

  30. YSIV

  31. Don’t Gas Me

    Dizzee Rascal
  32. Selection 5

    Mitch Murder

    Silky-smooth synths will captivate you and take you to a time long ago… but not forgotten. Like a mother’s cooking, this will instantly transport you back in time to when life was simpler—when all you wanted to do was cruise the winding coastline roads, ever-washed in moonlight, while some hard-hitting basslines and uplifting melodies punch through the night air, interrupted only by the fierce roar of the V8-engine that pulls you endlessly, onwards, into the future.

  33. Kamikaze

  34. Wizville

    Ocean Wisdom
  35. untitled unmastered.

  36. The King of Limbs

  37. Current Events

    Mitch Murder

  39. To Pimp A Butterfly

  40. Rocket Man

  41. Elwan

  42. Distant Relatives

    Damian Marley, Nas

    Pusha T
  44. DAMN

    This is easily one of my favourite albums of all time. Mind-bending beats, deep and thoughtful lyrics. One of the best releases of 2017, I think.