Note from Monday, June 10th, 2019

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I would love to try switching my site from @jekyllrb onto @eleven_ty, but it looks like such a huge undertaking, as I have heavily customised the way I use Jekyll. Anyone got any pointers or quick changes I can make that will speed up/simplify the process? My current set-up looks like this:

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  1. I think I</q>m going to try to make this happen. For a long time I have been building my site on a mostly vanilla Jekyll set-up as an example of a complex site that works on GitHub Pages, but I can</q>t honestly say I</q>ve ever had someone find that a useful resource, at least not that I</q>m aware of. I still think GitHub Pages is a great way for people to get a website quickly, but there are so many other options to do just that today, compared to five years ago, that I don</q>t think it</q>s to anyone</q>s benefit that I continue living and building in this old-school way.