Note from Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

This note, in reply to eleventy-cache-webmentions, was published on .

Just updated eleventy-cache-webmentions to version 0.2.0, a shallow first attempt at making the package work with any Webmention server, not just

Given a couple of assumptions about how the data is returned from the server, this change allows you to use different Webmention servers, hopefully lessening the inherent dependency on

This change does mean that there are now two more required fields that need to be passed to the plugin when invoking it in your .eleventy.js file with addPlugin():

const pluginWebmentions = require("@chrisburnell/eleventy-cache-webmentions")

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
    eleventyConfig.addPlugin(pluginWebmentions, {
        // these 3 fields are all required!
        domain: "",
        feed: "${process.env.WEBMENTION_IO_TOKEN}&per-page=9001",
        key: "children"

The above example, which I’m hoping is simple to update in existing configs, outlines how to use the plugin with