Yahaha! in Halifax

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A Korok, resembling a small, living tree with arms, legs, and a smiling face from the video game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, stands (superimposed) atop an intricate structure made of small stones, polished into cubes and organised in a tight and symmetrical way. In reference to the video game, where the player can find and replace missing pieces of these structures, and upon doing so, a Korok will appear to congratulate the player, exclaiming, “Yahah! You found me!”, which is displayed in a dialogue box below the Korok.

Gotta stay alert outside the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

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  1. Hear me out:A game like Pokemon GO, but you collect Korok seeds. There are hundreds of koroks hidden around the city, at the same notable locations like in Pokemon GO (statues, parks, etc.). Your phone sends a push notification when you’re near a korok (the phone is the Korok mask). You have to find the korok, shrine-sensor style (it beeps) and then solve a quick puzzle like in Zelda. The goal is to find all 900 koroks in your city. (photo source: https://chrisburnell.com/note/yahaha-in-halifax/) Yahaha! in Halifax