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went to All Day Hey! 2023 on

Sad to be missing the wonderful in-person atmosphere of All Day Hey this year, but counting myself lucky that I can watch the talks online anyway!

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went to State of the Browser 10 on

Delighted to be once again organising and attending State of the Browser, this year being the tenth edition and taking place at the incredible Barbican Centre in London!

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went to All Day Hey! Live 2021 on

There are some talks I’m immensely looking forward to this year; though, I'm sure the entire show will knock my socks off again! 🧦💨

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went to Jamstack Conf Virtual 2020 on

Jamstack conferences host speakers, workshops, and more for learning to design, develop, & deploy modern web projects. Join us online October 6–7, 2020. Register here!

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Couldn't be happier with how #SotB18 turned out this year. It was an honour and a pleasure to be involved in organising such an incredible event. Massive thanks to all of our speakers, attendees, sponsors, and supporters. We couldn't have…

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First Article Ever

Well, I've finally gotten my site up and running to a point where I can consider it to be a success. What was the process, and what did it involve? What mistakes did I make that you can avoid?