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Do you know color-scheme?

This post by Sara really helped solidify my understanding of color schemes in the browser, how they affect HTML’s default appearance in browsers, and how we can make use of them in CSS and JavaScript. Lots of useful code examples…

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The Environment-Aware Wrapper

Here’s a handy CSS technique to make sure your content isn’t obscured by the pesky notch that seems to be present on many phones these days, and it probably already fits nicely into your existing codebase!

Moving Targets

I was just working on some styling changes to my website and fell into a rabbit hole on URLs, the <mark> element and :target pseudo-class, and ended up writing an animation as a handy technique for drawing the reader’s attention.

I’ve got a quick little nugget of CSS to share today, a selector containing all interactive content.

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Over the last couple of months I’ve made some small improvements and additions to 🐋 Bowhead, which is now at version 0.2.1. Since last posting about it, I’ve cleaned up the documentation, added some minor bits and pieces, and used…

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Remapping Ranges in Sass

Great inspiration can sometimes be found in exploring available opportunities and embracing new ideas. In this article, I'll try to replicate a foreign concept in a familiar way, and explain why I decided to even do it.

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An Extended Response

If you've dabbled in Sass before, you're likely familiar with @extend and @mixin, but is there any use-case for @extend? Given the benchmark performance of the two, can we still be confident in the cascade when @extending in Sass?

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A Slice of Heaven

We know that webpages are composed of text and boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. But with the power and might of CSS3 we can do some fancy stuff that never used to be possible.

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Annoying Navigation CSS

Navigation is crucial to a functional website. It is how your users find the information they're after; get it right, and your users are happy—get it wrong, and they go insane!

First Article Ever

Well, I've finally gotten my site up and running to a point where I can consider it to be a success. What was the process, and what did it involve? What mistakes did I make that you can avoid?