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Providing a useful context to content written in response to someone else's blog post, tweet, toot, etc. helps a reader to understand the conversational nature of these back-and-forths. What abstractions can we make to the data that holds these reply targets, and how can those abstractions make for a richer reading experience and for a leaner publishing workflow?

Another 🐇 🕳 idea… Input a YouTube channel URL → The channel’s Atom feed is added to your Microsub "YouTube" channel. YouTube subscriptions without a Google account. No idea how original this idea is, but for now I’ve built

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I definitely have improvements to make, but at present I use the Twitter API to create a tweet, and I pull the URL of the tweet from the response into the front-matter/YAML of the Jekyll post which I then commit…

Up too late, again, working on my latest rabbit hole project. So close!… but got to sleep.


Quill is a simple Micropub client for creating posts on your own website. To use it, your website will need to have a Micropub endpoint, and this app will send requests to it to create posts.

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wasn’t able to go to Homebrew Website Club London on

Sadly, I won’t be able to attend, but if you’ve ever been curious about content ownership, IndieWeb, or new ways to tinker on your website, Homebrew Website Club London is unbelievably welcoming and inspired me a great deal. Highly recommended…

Super pleased to say that I just gave a short presentation about #indieweb to my team at work, and I didn’t butcher the explanation too badly, so everyone’s on-board! Feels great to be a part of this community and welcome…

At long last, I’ve managed to add the ability to edit my existing notes through my Micropub endpoint, and given my track record of totally making no mistakes, this is a good thing. #indieweb

If this makes it onto Mastodon 👋, it means my Micropub endpoint is syndicating correctly!

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