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Do you know color-scheme?

This post by Sara really helped solidify my understanding of color schemes in the browser, how they affect HTML’s default appearance in browsers, and how we can make use of them in CSS and JavaScript. Lots of useful code examples…


A handy trick to add a bit of smoothness to animations that Rach Smith calls Lerp, a nickname for Linear Interpolation between two points.

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I've been going through @wesbos’ JavaScript30 challenges, enjoying it a lot, and I completed challenge #17 today. Check out my log of completed challenges, follow along with RSS, or even join in if you’re interested!

Discovered that I can make custom waveforms for use with my noisy sparklines. Swapped from the humble sine wave to a an "Ahh" sound—like I used to go crazy for on early MIDI keyboards!

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Added Jeremy Keith’s Canvas Sparklines to my site, to further visually demonstrate the vast spaces of time between my posts! Next step: create less vast spaces of time between my posts (read: publish more).

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