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I definitely have improvements to make, but at present I use the Twitter API to create a tweet, and I pull the URL of the tweet from the response into the front-matter/YAML of the Jekyll post which I then commit…


I have started auto-generating ShortURLs for each of my posts, old and new, and opted to implement Tantek Çelik’s NewBase60 for representing the unique URLs, but I've done so with Liquid so it plays nicely with my Jekyll-powered website.

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Numerals, Romanticised

For a better part of the year, I've been working on a Jekyll-based Progressive Web App, BloodBuilder, for managing my Sorcerer in a game of Pathfinder I've been playing with some friends. One of the many intricate parts of logic involves the ability to convert Arabic numerals to and from Roman numerals, so I wrote a simple Liquid include to handle this.

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First Article Ever

Well, I've finally gotten my site up and running to a point where I can consider it to be a success. What was the process, and what did it involve? What mistakes did I make that you can avoid?