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went to 11ty Meetup Ep. 11: WebC with Zach on

WebC, a new HTML-driven file format from Eleventy’s creator, the venerable Zach Leatherman, has very much piqued my interest, so I’m really looking forward to hearing more about it, sinking my teeth in, and starting to use it myself!

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went to Yo Ho Ho! ‘Tis the season for some RUM on

It’s nearly Christmas so what better way to celebrate than with two talks about RUM? Jonathan Fielding will be exploring how you can capture and analyse performance data from your visitors using services like Segment and BigQuery. Tim Vereeke will be digging…

went to London Web Performance October on

We’re back from our extended summer break with talks by two of our organisers, Simon and Andy… Simon will be talking about the psychology and physiology of speed, why slow sites are irritating and how that feeds into visitor behaviour and…

went to London CSS Endless Summer on

This time our speakers take us on a very human journey, an arc from the history of CSS to its new New, from the vector-sharp lines of modernity to the messy glory of experimentation and play Join us once more… in…

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wasn’t able to go to Homebrew Website Club London on

Sadly, I won’t be able to attend, but if you’ve ever been curious about content ownership, IndieWeb, or new ways to tinker on your website, Homebrew Website Club London is unbelievably welcoming and inspired me a great deal. Highly recommended…